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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Karnataka Order - Payment of Travelling Allowance ( to Non-Official members of committees, commissions or other bodies) Rules 2015

 Payment of Travelling Allowance ( to Non-Official members of committees, commissions or other bodies) Rules 2015 


No.FD 3 SRA 2015., Bangalore, Dated:03.08.2015

In supersession of Notification No. FD 2 SRA 2000, dated 3-2-2001,, the Government of Karnataka hereby makes the following rules, on the subject relating to the payment of Travelling allowance to non-official members of Committees, Commissions and other bodies constituted under the authority of or by Government namely:-

1. These rules may be called Payment of Travelling Allowance (to non-official members of Committees, Commissions or other bodies) Rules 2015.

2. They shall come into force at once.

3. The Travelling allowance of Non-official Members (including Members of the State Legislature and retired officers of Government) who,

(i) are Members of Committees, Commission or other bodies constituted by the State Government;  or

(ii) are deputed by the Government to places either within or outside the State or Country to attend meetings of the Committees, Commissions or other bodies constituted by an authority other than the State Government; or

(iii) are deputed by the Government on special work in connection with the affairs of the State is regulated as follows:-

(A) Journeys within or outside the State.


Between places connected by railway, he shall be eligible to draw first class railway fare or railway fare actually paid, by the shortest route, whichever is less, including reservation charges but excluding agency charges paid to a traveling agent. Where a rail journey is cancelled be a non-official member due to the postponement of the meetings he may prefer to the appropriate Railway authority his, claim for refund of cancellation charges (excluding reservation charges) on  unreserved railway tickets. The claim should be accompanied by a certificate from the competent authority to countersign his T.A. Bills stating that the journey had to be cancelled due to the postponement of the meeting.

(2) BUS FARE:-

(a)Between places not connected by railway,he shall be eligible to draw bus fare by the shortest route, including reservation charges but not agency charges paid to a travel agent'

(b) Between places-partly connected by railway and partly by road, he may travel by bus shortest route and claim bus fare including reservation charges but not agency charges paid to a travel agent.


He shall be eligible to draw mileage allowance from residence to railway station or bus station and vice versa and from railway station or bus station to the place of meeting and vice versa, at the following rates:-

(a) When journey is performed by

(b) Where a member attends a meeting of the Committee at the place at which he is normally residing, no mileage allowance shall be payable.

(4) Journey by Sea:-

In resoect of journey by sea or by river steamer, a member will be entitled to one fare at the lowest rate (exclusive of diet) of the highest class of accommodation.

(5) Air Journeys:

(i) Journey by air require the specific sanction of Government which will be accorded only in cases of extreme emergency necessitating a journey.  

(ii) Return tickets at reduced rates,if available should be purchased when the return iourney is expected to be performed within the period during which the return ticket is valid. Mileage allowance for the forward and return journey when such return tickets are available will, however be the actual cost of such return ticket.

(iil) Road mileage at the rates specified above from the point from which the journey is held to commence to the booking offices of the AirTransport Companies the point in any station from which journey is to be held to commence or at which i tis to be held to end shall be the chief public office or any other point which may be fixed by the government for the said purpose. In Bangalore and Mysore cities the public offices and in other places, travellers bungalow or inspection lodge from which distances are reckoned in the road map issued by the Karnataka Public works Department will be regarded as the point fixed by the Government for the purpose.

(iv) Travel by air means journeys performed in the machines of public Air Tansport Companies regularly plying for hire.  It does not includes journey performed in private Aeroplane or Air Taxis.

(v) Insurance for air travel will be met by Government,claims for insurance premium for air journeys should invariably be supported by the receipts on policies issued by the insurance companies.

(vi) Outside India:- At such rates as may prescribed by Government from time to time in individual cases.

(6) Non-official members of the Committee etc.,may,a ttheir option, be allowed to draw Daily Allowance at the rates applicable to the Government Servants belonging to group A in lieu of the sitting fee.


He shall be eligible to draw sitting fees per day of sitting, at the foltowing rates:-

(a) Ptace of sitting within the State.

(i) Bangalore Rs.500/-(Five hundred rupees)
(ii) Other cities with Municipal corporation Rs.350/- (Three hundred and fifty RuPees)
(iii) Other places Rs.250/- (Two hundred and fifty Rupees)

(b) Place of sitting outside the State:-

(i) Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Gaziabad, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Chennai, Mussoorie, Nagpur, Pune, Simla. Srinagar, Goa, Diu and Daman Rs.1000/- (one thousand rupees)
(ii) Other Places Rs.750/- (Seven hundred and fifty rupees)

4. Government may, in special circumstances grant specific rates of conveyance Allowance or actual charges incurred on hire of conveyance or other charges in addition to the Travelling Allowance.

5. Payment of lumpsum advance to cover travelling expenses may be authorized by Government subject to adjustment from the final travelling allowance bills. The advances should not ordinarily exceed three-fourths of the amount of allowance admissible. This limit may, in special cases be enhanced under specific orders of Government.

6. An officer who may be a Member or secretary of the Committee or other officer of the Government will be responsible for the drawal disbursement and final adjustment of the advances paid to the non-official members of the committees. Before allowing such advances, a written undertaking from each non-official member should be obtained in the following Form. A second advance should not be allowed until the first advances is adjusted.


I ................................................ member of the Committee/Commission appointed by the government of Kernataka having received a sum of Rs..... (Rupees in words) as advance from the government of Karnataka for performing certain journeys connected with my duties as member of the above said Committee/Commission hereby agree that the amount shall be adjusted against my Travelling Allowance bill immediately after the completion of specified journeys and that I shal forthwith refund to the Government of Karnataka any portion of the advance not so adjusted. If for any reason, the specified journeys are not performed, I hereby agree to refund forthwith to the Government of Karnataka the entire sum of the advance on demand.

Revenue Stamp

Signature of Member

7. Subject to such modifications as are specified above, the rule regulating the payment of Travelling allowance to officers of Government shall be the rules applicable to the payment to Travelling Allowance to non-official also, except where the requirement of specific rule is dispensed with by a special order of Government. Sitting fee, Daily Allowance or Halting Allowance whatever term is allowed in the Government Order constitution the committee is admissible on the days of meeting in addition to Travelling Allowance admissible for the journeys irrespective of the time of arrival or departure at the place of meeting.

8. Government may sanction special rates in individual cases, if the circumstance justify.

9. Road Mileage:-

(1) When a non-official member makes a journey by bus for thirty-two Kilometers or more, he will be allowed 1 1/2  bus fare plus Daily Allowance limited to road mileage. When a non-official member makes a journey by bus for less than thirty two kilometers he will be allowed 1 1/2 bus fare limited to road mileage.

(2) A non-official member including a retired officer of the Committees who is entitled to Railway fare higher than the second class, will record in his Travelling Allowance bill, a certificate of having travelled in the class for which Railway fare is claimed therein. Otherwise, the officer will be paid only Railway fare based on the fare of the class in which he actually travelled.

(3) Attendence of Standing committees, Sub-committees, select committees, special committees, etc., of the several bodies will be treated as meeting of the bodies themselves for the purpose of these rules.

(4) Non-official members will be entitled to draw travelling allowance calculated from and to their ordinary place of residence and from the place of meeting. Daily Allowance for halts by members to attend an adjourned Meeting or another Meeting at the place may be allowed subject to the following conditions:-

(a) The total daily allowance for such halts is limited to the amount of Travelling Allowance admissible for returning to his place of residence and coming back to attend and adjourned meeting or another meeting.

(b) Travelling Allowances for the to and fro journey is allowed only once counting the two meetings as one for the purpose; and 

(c) The Daily Allowance is debited to the head of account pertaining to the Meeting.

(5) When a sunday or other holiday intervenes between two consecutive sittings, halting allowance for such days will be allowed; provided the member stays at the place of meeting on the Sunday or Holiday intervening two meetings.

10. (1) Members of the State Legislature will not be entitled to draw travelling or daily allowance for attending meetings of Committees constituted by Government viz.,  Committees other than those of the Legislative Assembly or Legislative council or any committee of the Said Assembly or Council under the Karnataka Legislature Salaries, pensions and Allowances Act, 1966 for the days on which they draw Travelling Allowance or Daily Allowance for attending the meetings of the Legislative Assembly or Legislature council or of any committee of any said Assembly or Council.

(2) Subject to the above condition, a mofussil member of the Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council is entitled to draw daily allowance during a period of three days or less before the commencement of a meeting of Legislative Assembly or Legislative council or any Committee thereof or at the conclusion of the meeting, in case he is required to attend the meetings of other Committees during that period. If however, any member of the Legislative Assembly or Legislative council returns to his ordinary place of residence, he will entitled to draw Travelling Allowance only for the Journey, provided the amount of  Travelling Allowance drawn by him in no case exceed the amount of daily allowance at the rate prescribed for Committees constituted by Government which would have been admissible to him had he elected to stay at the place where the meeting of Committees other than the Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council or any committee thereof taken place.

(3) (3) Where however such member returns to his ordinary place of residence within three days of conclusion of the meeting of the Legislature or a Committee thereof, not being aware of the meeting of a Committee constituted by the Government he will be entitled to draw normal travelling allowance without such allowance being so restricted.

11.Rules of Procedure for preferring Travelling Allowance claims of Non-official Members of commissions and committees:

(1)The existing procedure for disbursing in cash travelling allowance to Members of the Legislative Assembly and Legislative council at the close of each session and for payment of Travelling Allowance  by the university in regard to the attendance at meetings connected with that body will continue unhanged. The Travelling Allowance bills of Members of the Legislative Assembly  and the Legislative Council serving as member of the committees constituted by Government will be countersigned by the Secretary of the committee concerned and forwarded to the Secretary, Karnataka Legislative Assembly or Legislative council, as the case may be, who will scrutinize them with reference to payments made by him and pass on the bill to the Treasury for payment with intimation to the Secretary of the Committee concerned.

(2)In respect of meetings of bodies other than those referred to in clause (1) above the secretaries of the commissions and committees shall obtain, in-addition to the other certificates contemplated in Part VIII  of the Karnataka civil Services Rules, the following certificate from the members:-

“Certified that I ………………………………. Member …………………………… committee actually performed the journeys for which Travelling Allowance claimed and I have not drawn in any other capacity Travelling Allowance for the same journey or daily allowance or sitting fee for the same day”.

(3) In addition to the above certificate which must be recorded by the members in their Travelling Allowance Bills, they should also furnish, in the following declaration form, particulars of the dates and time of their arrival and departure, mode of conveyance used for the journey and other meetings, if any, attended by them at the place of meeting on the same day/days or within a period of three days prior to and after the meeting;-


1. Name of the Member
2. Place of Permanent residence
3. Date and time of arrival at the place of meeting
4. Particulars of journey performed:
(i) Whether entire journey was be road;
(ii) Mode of conveyance used for the road journey
(iii) If by rail, class in which travelled;
5. The  number of days on which the Member has attended the committee Meeting.
6. Date and time of departure from the place of meeting.
7. Name of the other meeting , if any, attended on the same day/days or within a period of three days prior to and after the day/days noted against Serial No.5 above.
8. Name of Treasury at which payment is desired.

I undertake to refund any amount in respect of T.A and D.A for this meeting which is not admissible as per rules deducted in audit.


Signature ……………………………………………..
For member of the committee.

(4) A certificate of attendance in the following from shall be recorded on the Travelling Allowance Bills of the members by the secretary of the Committee:-

“Certified ………………………………………………… that  Shri/Smt ………………………………………………………. Attended the sittings of the …………………………………………………………………… constituted in Government Order No.  ………………………………………………………….date ………………………… on …………………………………… at ……………………… as a member thereof’


(5) The T.A. bill prepared and signed by each member with the requisite certificates, will be sent to the Secretary of the Committee who after scrutiny of the claims preferred in the bill with reference to rules, will forward the bill with his countersignature to the Secretary, Karnataka Legislative Assembly or Legislative council, as the case may be, in the case of claims of Members of the Legislature and to the Treasury Officers in the case of others.

(6) A copy of the intimation slip will be sent to the Secretary of the Committee by the Secretary, Karnataka Legislative Assembly or Legislative council, as the case may be for noting down the particulars of the Travelling Allowance bills passed and onward transmission to the member, and another copy with the Travelling Allowance bill will be forwarded to the Treasury Officer for making payment direct to the member. In the case of members other than members of Legislature, the Secretary of the Committee will intimate the member concerned the fact of having forwarded the bill to the Treasury Officer for payment.

(7) Objections raised in audit will be communicated by the Accountant General, Karnataka, to the Secretary of the Committee for furnishing necessary information.

(8) The countersignature of the Secretaries is only to ensure that the bills have been prepared correctly with reference to the prescribed rules and rates of mileage, daily allowance and train fare and provision for expenditure made by government for a particular Committee.

(9) In certain cases, even though a non-official member proceeds to the place of meeting but is prevented from attending the meeting, consequent on its postponement for want of quorum, Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance admissible under the rules may be allowed to him. In such cases, following certificate should be recorded on the bill by the Secretary.

“Certified that Sri/Smt …………………………………………………………………….. attended the place of meeting of ……………………………………….. Committee on ………………………………………….. at ………………………………. But the meeting did not take place on the date for want of quorum.”

(10) The claims in respect of period (i) over six months require the sanction of the Head of the Department condoning the delay in preferring them, and (ii) over three years that of the Government of Karnataka. These claims require the pre-audit by the Accountant General, Karnataka vide Article 21 of the Karnataka Financial Code.

(11) In case of Committees or Commissions to which Government have not appointed Secretaries, the power of countersigning the T.A. bills of the non-official members shall be exercised by the Government Servant authorized by government in this behalf.

(12) When a member of Legislature appointed to a committee, commission or Board of Enquiry is allowed free boarding and lodging at the expense of State Government or an autonomous industrial or commercial undertaking or corporation, or a statutory body or local authority, in which Government funds have been invested or in which Government have any other interest shall be entitled to only one-fourth of the daily allowance admissible to him under the aforesaid Notification. If only boarding or lodging is allowed free, daily allowance shall be admissible at one-half of the admissible rate.

12. When the State Government appoint a committee or  commission in which officers or employees of the commercial Industrial undertakings of Central or State Government or Statutory Bodies controlled or financed by the Central or State Government are appointed as members or are required to attend meetings of such committees, etc., the expenses on their Travelling Allowance or daily allowance in that connection incurred in accordance with the rules in force in the parent Government or body should be borne by the Government or respective body, unless in any particular case it is decided otherwise.

13. The rules regulating the payment of Travelling Allowance in force immediately before the date of commencement of these rules applicable to person governed by these rules are repeated except in so far as they are applicable to payment of Travelling Allowances in respect of journey and halts made before the date of commencement of these rules.

By Order and in the name of the 
Governor of Karnataka

Under Secreatry to Government,
Finance Department (Services – 1).


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