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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Status of implementation of Board’s orders.

Status of implementation of Board’s orders.


No: PC-III/2013/CRC/6(Pt.1)

Dated: 02.07.2015

The General Secretary,
3, Chelmsford Road,
New Delhi-55.


Sub:- Status of implementation of Board’s orders.
Ref:- Your letter no. II/2/Part.VI dated 17-05-2015.

Please connect your letter ibid on the above subject. In this context, it is stated that as per details received from Railways/Units, 100% cadre restructuring has been implemented in CR, ER, NFR, NFR, SR, SCR, WR, NCR, SWR, WCR, Metro/Kolkata, RDSO, CLW, DLW, ICF & RCF, 90% to 100% in NR & NWR and 80% to 90% in SER & ECR. Board’s orders dated 17-08-2012 regarding
Track Maintainers have been implemented on CR, NR, NER, NFR, SR, SER, WR, NCR, SECR & NWR. Board’s orders dated 01-04-2014 regarding revision of percentages of Track Maintainers are also implemented on above mentioned Railways (except NR, SECR & NWR where the orders are under implementation). Details from remaining Railways are yet to be received. Position of implementation of Board’s order dated 03-07-2013 regarding merger of Sr.P.Way Supervisors with JE(P.Way) is not currently available with Pay Commission Directorate. However, no Railway has reported any difficulty for implementation of Board’s orders dated 03-07-2013.

Encl: As above

Yours faithfully,

for Secretary, Railway Board

Source: NFIR

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