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Monday, June 1, 2015

Reconciliation of master data of CPPC of any bank with the database of CPAO

Reconciliation of Master Data

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CPAO/Tech/Master data/2015-16/298


Office Memorandum

Subject:- Reconciliation of Master Data

The reconciliation of master data of CPPC of any bank with the database of Central Pension Accounting Office has always been an important issue which has been highlighted from time to time. Even at the time of establishing CPPCs of the banks, it was cleared at para 6.5.3 of CPPC Guidelines that the smooth implementation of the CPPC and the re-imbursement thereof depends upon a perfect match of data of both bank and CPAO.

Taking into consideration the importance of updation of master data by all the banks, necessity of providing updated master data in the latest format at least once in the month was highlighted in the OM No. CPAO/Tech/Masterdata/2013-14/288 dated-24.03.2014 issued to all Executive Directors of the authorized banks (copy enclosed).

In the Standing Committee meeting, almost all the banks mentioned that they are submitting the updated master data to CPAO regularly. But the “Bank-wise Master-data Processing” report provided by NIC Cell of CPAO is not very much encouraging. It reveals that during the current calendar year i.e. 2015 only three banks have submitted their updated master data so far. Moreover, it has been observed that either the data submitted by CPPCs have errors or not in proper / latest format resulting in non -processing of the data.

Therefore, it has been decided that the banks must send their updated master data once in a year by 31st January in the revised format only (23rd December, 2014 version) (copy enclosed). The same is also available on CPAO’s website at the link “For Banks”-> Guidelines for Banks->Guidelines for Master Data.

Report on “change of status of pension” must also be sent regularly in an electronic Format “F” (copy enclosed) along with each and every Pension Payment Scroll in Format `A’.

The Executive Directors of all authorized banks are hereby once again requested to instruct their GMs/DGMs supervising the CPPCs to be particular in sending the masterdata as per schedule stipulated above.

The Updated master data in the prescribed format from all banks must reach to CPAO at E-mail address i.e. with an endorsement to

The Updated master data in prescribed format for the year 2015 must reach to CPAO by 15th June, 2015.

This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(Vijay Singh)
Sr. Accounts Officer (Tech)


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