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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

AIBEA CC calls for cautious but decisive approach to clinch 10th Bipartite wage revision settlement

AIBEA Circular No.27/111/2015/7, dtd. 25th January, 2015 - Developments in the Negotiations

Dear Comrades,

AIBEA CC calls for cautious but decisive approach to clinch 10th Bipartite wage revision settlement

An emergent meeting of the Central Committee of AIBEA was held at Mumbai on 10th January, 2015 to take stock of the developments relating to the on-going negotiations for 10th Bipartite Settlement.  A detailed reporting was made about the developments in the negotiations since our CC/GC meeting held at Kolkata in August, 2014.  

The meeting observed that not only was  there no improvement in the offer of IBA but rather a new offensive had been unleashed by seeking a revised mandate from all the Banks, ostensibly in an attempt to foist Khandelwal Committee recommendations of differentiated wage increase in different Banks based on their profits and profitability. The meeting endorsed the decision of the Negotiation Committee that this should be viewed more seriously than even the wage revision itself.   The meeting also endorsed the suggestions made in the UFBU meeting that all-out effort should be made to thwart this blatant attempt to dismantle uniform wage revision for all the Banks. 

Viewed from this perspective, the CC appreciated the stand taken by AIBEA and 
UFBU in deferring the strike action in the light of the positive developments both with regard to improvement in the offer of IBA as well as the assurance made by IBA that the mandate issue would not be allowed to be precipitated by the Banks and would resolve the same amicably. 

The CC noted that while the present offer of 12.5 % amounted to Rs. 3940 crores towards Payslip components ( as against Rs. 2980 crores achieved in the 9th BPS ), the same is far from adequate and hence there has to be substantial improvement in the offer of IBA before we could clinch the deal. 

There are also other important demands of the employees as well demands pertaining to pension related issues which need to be sorted out. Hence the Central Committee while taking note of the above developments and the IBA’s fixing up meetings of the Sub-Committee to discuss these issues observed that the negotiations have been brought on track and have to be taken forward through further discussions. 

Hence the CC decided that we have to move cautiously, but act decisively so that no derailment takes place in the negotiations.

Meetings of the Sub-Committee:  As scheduled, IBA so far held 3 meetings of the Sub-Committee, one on the issues of the officers ( on 14-1-2015) , another on the revised medical reimbursement scheme (19-1-2015) and the third on the demands of the workmen employees ( 19-1-2015) .  

Revised Medical Reimbursement Scheme:  In the meeting on reimbursement of medical expenses,  it has been agreed to introduce a revised scheme by which employees would get full reimbursement of the medical expenses incurred by them without the existing ceilings, sub-limits and other restrictions which result in employees going out of pocket. The Scheme would incorporate and consist of various improvements also.

Discussions on service conditions of workmen employees:  In the Sub-Committee meeting held on 19-1-2015, participated by all the 5 workmen unions, all the demands of workmen unions as raised in the common Charter of Demands were taken up for discussion.  There was detailed discussions on issues pertaining to leave benefits of the employees and certain improvements have been agreed upon by IBA.

Next meeting of Sub-Committee on 30-1-2015:  Another round of Sub-Committee meeting on the demands of the workmen employees has been fixed to be held on 30-1-2015 wherein in other demands will be taken up for discussion.

Next round of negotiations on 3-2-2015:  IBA has also informed that the next round of negotiations with UFBU will be held on 3-2-2015 when the issues relating to wage increase will be taken up for discussions.

We are entering the crucial zone – beware of false propaganda:  Comrades, while the negotiations have been put on popper track, from now on, the negotiations would be very crucial. While all endeavours would be made by the Negotiating Committee to proceed on the lines of the decisions of our CC meeting to achieve our demands for a fair and adequate wage revision and improvement in other service conditions, it is important that we are fully backed up by total unity of our rank and file membership.  Our units and members should also be alert and prepared for any programmes that may be warranted to meet any eventual hurdle in the way of realising our demands.  Nothing should be taken for granted at this statge.

Already the market is flooded with rumours, misinformation, false propaganda, canard against leadership – all deliberately targeted against AIBEA.   Social media is also being used to denigrate AIBEA  and we have located the elements behind the same.  But we shall not allow our attention to be diverted to replying to all these engineered and orchestrated attempts.  While our units and members should be guarded against the same, such mischievous attempts should be befittingly answered with our dogged unity and unflinching faith on our organisation.

With greetings,

Yours Comradely,



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