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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Comments on Draft Posting Policy of GP ‘B’ (Non Gazetted) and GP ‘C’ post of MES.

Comments on Draft Posting Policy of GP ‘B’ (Non Gazetted) and GP ‘C’ post of MES.



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REF: BPMS / MES / POSTING / 103 (7/4/R)

Dated: 03.11.2014

The Director General (Pers),
Engineer’s-in-Chief’s Branch,
IHQ of MOD (Army), Kashmir House,
Rajaji Marg, New Delhi – 110011

Subject: Comments on Draft Posting Policy of GP ‘B’ (Non Gazetted) and GP ‘C’ post of MES.

Reference: Your Letter No. B / 20148 / PP/E1C(1) Dated 16.09.2014 & 18.09.20144.

Respected Sir,

With due regards, this federation BPMS is submitting its views on the subject matter as under:-

PARA 1 : It is mentioned that the CVC vide his various Circulars has indicated that periodical rotation of officials holding sensitive posts/jobs should be ensured. We are in agreement with the CVC and E-in-C’s Branch but in the same time, it is neither fair and nor as per the CVC’s circulars to carry out frequent postings of such Group ‘B’ & ‘C’ (excepting JEs) personnel especially in the name of CML who are not holding any sensitive posts/jobs.

PARA 2 : It is not fair that owing to posting out to the tenure station, the vacuum of post in a particular unit/station considering CML, is filled by transferring the personnel from other station under CML. If the CML is levied on the non-tenure stations/units then it should also be levied on tenure units/stations equally. There should not be any disparity on this issue.

PARA 5 : None of the posting policy in the Defence department permits for posting for any type (even on compassionate grounds) to a unit where either the unit/station is having already surplus of staff or at par with the authorization of that post. Thus the question of posting to rationalize the imbalance does not arise and hence, not acceptable.

PARA 8 : We are having reservations with regarding to the posting for MAINT OF COMMAND MANNING LEVEL (CML).

It is not out of place to mention that there is a huge deficiency of Clerical cadre and the official work is being carried out not on the category based i.e. LDC, UDC or OS but based on whole Clerical cadre. It is not a secret that Clerical Cadre is an essential part for existence of any office in any of the department. Page 2 of 3 The huge deficiency of clerical staff is being regularized either by taking the shelter of outsourcing (without any legal authority or sanction) or deploying the industrial personnel in the clerical jobs. Employability of inexperienced, un-skilled and unauthorized personnel into the clerical works is not a solving one rather complicating the official works badly besides the fear of leakage of secrecy. This attracts the provisions of Indian Official Secret Act too.

In such a situation, the posting of clerical cadre under CML from a unit / station jeopardizesthe whole system of the department. It is not worth to mention that there are various MES
units where even the authorization of clerical cadre is much below of the actual requirement which resultant failure of the system and troubles being faced by the workers.
In order to come out from the acute deficiency, it is advisable to re-start the process of submission of Surplus/Deficiency position to AG’s Branch (Org 4) (Civ), Army HQ along with
the respective CE Command. The position may be set right by getting man-power through AG’s Branch, Army HQ.

Further regular DPC for promotion to the higher grade should be held regularly in order to curtail the deficiency at least in the higher grades i.e. OS, UDC. If these measures are taken
up seriously and strictly, there would be no need for the postings under CML at least in the clerical cadre.

PARA 17 : The protection should be granted to the JCM IV member and Central Executive Committee Member of the Recognized Federation too.

PARA 22(e) : Posting of personnel from one station to another is itself a troublesome and in case of compassionate grounds, one is to repatriate prior to completion of the tenure period, firstly he should be considered for tenure posting after two years and secondly for the left over period only.

PARA 22(g) : The person who is able to complete the tenure period of three/two years (as the case may be) till the age of 55 years, should only be considered and nominated for the tenure posting since posting in a tenure station for a year or months shall have no use.

PARA 43 : The purpose of carrying out Local Turn Over is for posting from sensitive to non-sensitive appointments and vice-versa. Since the posts viz. Steno and D’Man are assigned duties in the non-sensitive apptt and hence, these posts should be exempted from the LTO.

PARA 45 : These types of postings should not be included with Steno, D’Man and Clerical cadre being not employed in the executive assignment.

PARA 45 : Govt of India, Min of Def vide OM No 32(4)/73/D(Appts) dated 21.05.1975 referring to the earlier OM dated 29.11.1972 has specifically provided that no compulsory turnover from non-tenure station will be made after completion of any period of service except to cater for turnover from hard/tenure stations. It was subsequently clarified that the persons reaching the age of 55 years of age or over should not be transferred except at own requests.Thus the age factor for all Group ‘B’ (NG) and Group ‘C’ for posting of any type, should be as
per Ministry of Defence above cited OM and not ‘Preceding three years of retirement’ as mentioned herein.Page 3 of 3

PARA 62 : In order to bring transparency in man-power planning, it is advisable to associate the rep of subordinate staff in the Board too.

PARA 64 : The limit of 21 days for making any representation should commence from the date of actual receipt of information with regard to the posting by the individual.You are requested to take above averments in correct perspective and take necessary action to incorporate the above in the posting policy of Gp ‘B’ (Non Gazetted) & Gp ‘C’ post of MES.

Thanking you.

Sincerely yours

General Secretary


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