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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Staff Benefit Fund

Staff Benefit Fund
All India Railwaymen’s  Federation
(Estd, 1924)
NEW DELHI – 11005
Dated: September 3, 2014
The Secretary(E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi                                                                           Kind Attn. ED(IR)

Dear Sir,
Sub: Staff Benefit Fund
Ref.: Railway Board’s letter No.E(W)2014/FU-1/1 dated 30.07.2014(RBE No.83/2014

Railway Board vide their letter quoted above have issued instructions regarding distribution of per capita contribution of Rs.800 to SBF, under different heads.

While we appreciated that per capita contribution has been increased from Rs.500 to Rs.800 in the Rail Budget for the year 2014-15, however, under the head “Education Scholarship for Higher Technical/ Professional Education for the wards of Railway employees working in GP below Rs.2400 have been exempted
from the purview of this benefit and only the staff in GP of above Rs.2400 and up to Rs.4200 have been made eligible for this benefit. A comparative chart, elaborating the provision that was existing under this head in terms of RBE No.62/2010, vis-a-vis RBE No.83/2014, is being appended below for better appreciation of the case.

RBE No.62/2010
RBE No.83/2014

Per Capita Allocation

Per Capita Allocation
Education - Scholarship for Higher Technical/ Professional education for wards of staff in GP Rs.1900 and above
Education - Scholarship for Higher Technical/ Professional education for wards of staff in GP above Rs.2400 and up to Rs.4200.

Relief of Distress, Sickness etc.

Relief Distress and Sickness for employees in GP Rs.1800 and below


Relief of Distress, Sickness etc. for staff in GP up to Rs.4600


The revised allocation, as illustrated above, totally debars the Railway Staff working in GP below Rs.2400 and those working in GP above Rs.4200, i.e. in GP Rs.4600, 4800 and 5400 to avail the benefit under this scheme, providing scholarship for higher technical/professional education for the wards of the staff, whereas the same was very much available under RBE No.62/2010, which is highly unjustified and discriminative.
Similarly, in case of Relief of Distress and Sickness, the non-gazetted  employees working in GP above Rs.4600 have been taken out of the purview of the SBF Scheme.
The Board are, therefore, ruged upon to look into the matter and revised instructions, rectifying the discrepancy, as explained above, be issued at an early date so as to bring all the non-gazetted staff under the purview of the benefits under SBF Scheme, so as to enable them to impart higher technical/professional education to their wards as also can get relief of distress and sickness as was available under RBE No.62/2010.
This may please be treated as urgent.
Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
General Secretary
Source: AIRF

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