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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Likely Bank D.A. from August 2014

Likely Bank D.A. from August 2014

Labour Bureau,Ministry of Labour and Employment,Govt.of India, has released All India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers ,Base 2001=100 for the month of May’14,today which stood at 244 points  with an increase of 2 points while compared to April figure.(  There was a decrease of 16 slabs during last quarter )

           Based on the confirmed  AICPIN for April and May and assuming that index number for June may continued on same level ,in tune with  present inflationary trend ,
the DA for  Bank Employees/Officers for Aug,Sept & Oct may likely to  show an increase of 29  slabs Or more as per details furnished here under:

                               Base Year 2001=100     1960=100
APRIL  (confirmed)           242                         5523.87
MAY( do)                         244                         5569.5o
JUNE (Expected)              244                         5569.52

Average index                                                 5554
Less merged index(9thBPS)                            2836
Slabs 2718/4                                                      679
Increase (679-old 650)                            29  slabs
 @0.15%                                                101.85    %  (  from existing97.50% )

 If AICPIN increase with one or two points there may have further increase in DA for next quarter.This is only assumption.

Kindly note that actual increase/decrease in DA    can be arrived only on release of AICPIN for June in next month by Ministry.

 Submitted by Mohan.P     


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