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Friday, July 4, 2014

Finmin Order - Deputation/Tours abroad — revised deputation proforma reg

Deputation/Tours abroad — revised deputation proforma reg

Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi,
2nd July, 2014
Office Memorandum

Subject:  Deputation/Tours abroad — revised deputation proforma reg.

Reference is invited to this Department's OM No. 23(2)IE.Coord./2006 dated 11th December 2007 on the above subject.

2. The deputation proforma prescribed under the above cited reference has been revised and the revised proforma is enclosed. The administrative Ministries/Departments and their Internal Finance Wing may ensure that proposals for consideration of the Screening
Committee of Secretaries are submitted as per the enclosed revised deputation proforma. While submitting the proforma to this Department it may be ensured that all the points contained therein have been addressed/replied upon satisfactorily, failing which proposals will be returned unprocessed  by D/o Expenditure. 
(Sudha Krishnan)
Joint Secretary to the Government of India


      Sponsoring Ministry/Department:

Names of Officers with Designation
Scale of pay(Rs.)/
Grade pay
Date of Superannuation/Completion of tenure
Source of funding

(i) Purpose of Visit in brief.
Detailed justification, Copies of the Agenda etc. to be enclosed as separate Annexure.

(ii) Tasks proposed to be undertaken/accomplished & Outcome to be achieved by the proposed visit. Please indicate exact outcomes and tangible /non tangible benefits in quantified terms, wherever possible.

Country/Countries to be visited (city/country) all Places

Duration of visit (excluding journey time)
(a) Actual expenditure in the previous financial year (FY) in the Foreign Travel Expenses Head (FTE)

(b) Budget provision under FTE head for the current FY

(c)  Budget provision for the current FY after 10% cut in the FTE head

Actual expenditure incurred in the current FY under FTE (Visits to be stated chronologically with progressive total of expenditure as annexure to be enclosed)

Commitment made for the current year (Visits Planned/approved excluding items included in S.No.7) (including hotel charges/bills not received etc.)

Balance funds available for the current financial year under FTE head [6(b or c) – {7+8}]

(a) Budget for the ongoing quarter in the current fiscal under FTE

(b) Expenditure incurred so far in the ongoing quarter under FTE

(c) Whether the expenditure on the proposed visit falls within the half yearly/Quarterly ceiling? If not, full justification may be given.

Estimated expenditure on the proposed visit:
Amount (Rs.)

Air Fare & Airport Tax (Class of travel

D.A @ US $ _/day for _Days = US$

Entertainment, if any

Contingency, if any

Hotal accommodation USD_/day X _ days =

Excess Baggage*



Mobile Phone*

Lunch/dinner to be hosted*

Any other (Please specify with justification thereof)*

Estimated expenditure – rupees component

Foreign Exchange component in US$ & its equivalent in rupees

Total Expenditure for this visit (A)+(B) in rupees

Full details of the foreign visits undertakes by the Officer(s) during the last three Calendar years ( to be enclosed as a separate annexure)

(i) Full details of the foreign visite undertaken be the Officer(s) during the last three Calendar years ( to be enclosed as a separate annexure)

(ii) Is an increase proposed in the number of delegates vis a vis that approved/ deputed on the last occasion? If so, justification for increasing the delegation size may be furnished. Justification for participation of each member of the delegation to be brought out in a separate Annexure.

(i) Whether tour report was submitted after the last visit abroad. ( a copy of the previous tour report indicating quantified outcomes including tangible and/or non tangible benefits of that visit to be enclosed.

(ii) Details of efforts made by the Ministry/Department during the interregnum to fully realize the intended outcome of the earlier visits. A copy of follow up action taken thereon to be enclosed.

Why can not the purpose be served by:

Deputing officers at the functional level viz. Director/Dy.Secreatry, instead of deputing officers of higher level(s)

Our Mission abroad/officer of the Ministry/Department already stationed abroad : or

Any other officer already abroad/or being deputed in the same or neighbouring country : or

Viedo conferencing. Justification to be given as to why this facility cannot be utilized.

Whether FCRA clearance from MHA and Political clearance from MEA have been obtained? (Copies to be enclosed)

(i) Whether the proposal attracts ban imposed under the economy instructions of the Department of Expenditure i.e. study tours, workshops, conferences, seminars, presentation of papers abroad etc.

(ii) If so, justification for the proposed visit.

(i) Whether the number of visits by the officers(s) in a year is within the norms laid down in this regard i.e. four in a calendar year

(ii) if not, reasons/justification therefor.

In case the proposal is being sent less than 15 days before the date of departure whether condo nation of delay has been obtained from cabinet secretary in terms of instructions of D/o Expenditure.

                 Note: * Sr.No.10: The cost for each item including expenditure to be incurred by Embassies/Missions should be clearly stated after ascertaining the prevailing rates from the Indian Mission/Embassy.
Joint Secretay (Admn)

Joint Secretry & Financial Advisor

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