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Friday, July 11, 2014

A Meeting of JAC with Director H.R. on 27.06.2014 - A brief by BSNLEU

 A Meeting of JAC with Director H.R. on 27.06.2014 - A brief by BSNLEU

A gist of discussions, held between the JAC and the Director
(HR), on 27-06-2014.
1.        Stagnation.
The JAC explained in detail the sufferings of the employees at the lower level of payscales, and strongly demanded to settle it, based on the suggestions already made by the Staff Side. The Director (HR) assured that the Management will take a fresh look into this issue.
2.        Removal of wage disparity of the employees appointed on or after 01-01-2007.
The JAC made it emphatically clear that they are not prepared to accept the one advance increment proposed to be given to compensate the wage loss. They forcefully argued that the employees appointed between 01-01-2007 and 07-05-2010 should be given 30% fitment, since the same has been done in many PSUs. The JAC will wait for sometime for the response of the Management.

3.        PLI.
After detailed discussion, it was agreed that a scheme would be worked out, based on National Level productivity, and not based on Individual productivity, within a period of two months. This issue will be discussed in the PLI Committee, the meeting of which will take place on 23-07­2014.
4.        NEPP.
JAC demanded that all post based promotions given after 01-10-2000 and before the implementation of the NEPP, should not be treated as first promotion under NEPP. Management agreed to consider this. Similarity, the proposals of the Management, to settle the problems related to TTA and Driver pay scale upgradations as well as conversion from LDC to TOA will be looked into by the JAC. The demand of the JAC, to retain the OTBP promotees among Sr.TOAs, who had opted for NEPP, in the 7100 payscale, was not accepted.
5.        Compassionate Ground Appointments.
The Management once again told that they could not liberally give jobs under compassionate ground, since their hands are tied, due to the judgement of the Hon'ble Supreme Court on the matter. The JAC bitterly complained that jobs are denied to candidates who get more points, while jobs are given to the candidates who get lesser points. Management said that it would revise the weightage point system, to overcome this shortcoming.
6.        Restoration of LTC, Leave Encashment and Medical Allowance.
Management stated that the company's financial position was still in a bad shape, and hence the demand could not be accepted.
7.       Delay in the implementation of E1 payscale.
JAC bitterly pointed out that the order on implementation of E1 payscale is still not implemented. Management stated that the issue is before the Board and assured that they would get the necessary approval of the Board in the next meeting, after which it would be implemented.
8.       Change of Designations.
The next meeting of the Joint Committee for Change of Designations would be held on 23.07.2014. All efforts would be taken to finalise the new designations within the shortest possible time.
9.       Regular Promotion of the officiating JTOs.
This issue is before the Board. After the approval of the Revised JTO RR by the Board, necessary order would be issued.

10.    30% Superannuation Benefits to the Directly Appointed Employees.
Management did not accept the demand of the JAC to provide 30% Superannuation benefits (totally). The JAC said it would not accept the proposal of the Management to make 2% contribution towards pension.
11.    Relaxation in the qualifying marks for SC/ST employees.
The JAC expressed it's anguish over the non-implementation of the DoP&T orders on the subject, despite repeated representations by the unions. The Director (HR) assured that the needful would be done in this regard.
12.     Review of JTO and JAO results.
Management reminded the decision of the last National Council meeting, wherein it was decided not to grant grace marks. The JAC pointed out that as per the decision of the last National Council meeting, no letter was issued to all CGMs regarding JTO question papers with discrepancies and also to the CGM Rajasthan on JAO exam. The Director (HR) assured to do the needful.
13.     Fresh Recruitment of Staff.
Consultant is engaged to study the issue.
14.     Regularisation of left out casual labourers.
Not accepted in view of the Supreme Court order.
15.     Payment of minimum wages, EPF & ESI to contract workers.
A detailed discussion took place on this issue. JAC pointed out that in most of the circles, the orders of the Corporate Office, on payment of minimum wages, EPF, ESI, etc., are not being implemented. The Director(HR) assured that a report would be called for at the earliest from all the circles, regarding the implementation of the Corporate Office orders on the above issues.
16.     Permitting the Non-Executives to appear Management Trainee Exam.
It is already decided in the 30th meeting of the National Council, held on 23-04-2014, that the RR of MT will be reviewed after the first exam.
17.    Promotion based on personal upgradation of the officials who had completed Telecom Mechanic Training.
This demand was not accepted.
18.    Revision of the wages of the TSMs based on IDA payscales.
This demand was not accepted. However, Management agreed to look into the complaint of the JAC, that even fixation of wages, based on CDA payscales, was not properly done.
19.   Filling up of SC/ST backlog vacancies.
This issue was already discussed in the last meeting of the National Council, in which Management had assured to take necessary action.
20.   Revision of the payscales of the cadres of Sr.TOA, Telecom Mechanic, Driver, etc.
JAC stated that the committee to which these issues were referred to, should be revived, and that discussions should start immediately. Management agreed to this.
21.   Issuing of presidential orders to the employees whose training started during DoT period and posting made after formation of BSNL.
This case is already referred to DoT. Management agreed to send reminder.

22.    Option to the Non-Executives, for fixation of pay on promotion, on the date of next increment which fell after 01-10-2000.
This case is already referred to DoT for approval. It is likely to be approved. JAC demanded that, in the meanwhile, letter should be issued to stop the recovery. Management said that issuing of the letter is getting delayed since the ED (Finance) was on leave. JAC urged early releasing of the letter.
23.    Revision of pension, based on 78.2% IDA merger.
Management replied that the issue is presently pending in the DoT.
24.    Settlement of anomalies that arose in the first wage revision.
Management replied that the proposal for settlement of the anomaly has gone for the approval of the DoT.
25.    Revival of Telecom Factories.
JAC complained that the proposals already given in the meetings of the National Council, are not yet considered. Delay in the manufacturing of CLIP Instruments at Kolkata factory, non-clearance of the towers, manufactured and lying in the factories, etc were discussed. Finally, it was decided that the issues will be discussed further with the ED (NB).
26.    Relaxing the eligibility conditions to appear JTO, JAO, TTA, TM, etc.
Corporate Office has already undertaken the job of revising the RRs.
27.   {Payment of arrears to the serving employees on merger of 78.2% IDA.
CMD BSNL has already written DO letter to the DoT. It was agreed to send a reminder.
28.    Provision of Rs.200/- SIM to the left out Non-Executives.
It was replied that Management Committee has already approved this and letter would be issued within a few days.
29.   Revision of Allowances.
This demand is not accepted, citing the poor financial condition of the Company.
30.  Manning of Call Centres by BSNL employees.

JAC demanded that BSNL's call centres should be manned by BSNL employees to the extent possible, instead of outsourcing completely. Management agreed to look into this.


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