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Friday, May 9, 2014

Interim Report of the Third Pay Commission - Grant of Interim Relief

No.F.8(5)-E.III (A)/70
(Department of Expenditure)

New Delhi, the 30th September, 1970


SUBJECT:- Interim Report of the Third Pay Commission - Grant of Interim Relief 

The Third Pay Commission have, in their Interim Report dated the 16th September 1970, recommended the grant, with effect from the 1st March, 1970, of an interim relief at the following rates to Central Government employees on a basic pay not exceeding Rs.1250/- p.m.

Basic pay Range
Amount of Interim Relief per month

Below Rs.85
Rs.85 - 209
Rs.210 – 499
Rs.500 - 1250 *
*(Subject to marginal adjustment so that pay plus interim relief does not exceed Rs.1295/- p.m.)

2.       The Government of India have accepted the
recommendations of the Third Pay Commission and the President is accordingly pleased to sanction, until further orders, interim relief at the rates indicated above, to all Central Government employees who are within the pay ranges mentioned above including members of All India Services. As recommended by the Commission, the above interim relief will be treated sui generis and should not be taken into account for determining any other allowances that may be admissible to Central Government employees on the basis of their pay. This will not count for purposes of pension or for reckoning the house rent payable by the employees. However, the interim relief will be admissible during leave, joining time and periods of suspension to be calculated in the same way as dearness allowance on such occasions. Those order will apply also to staff artistes of All India Radio who are on fee scales of remuneration as also to officers on deputation at the Centre if they are drawing pay and allowances at Central rates.

3.The Ministries/Departments of Government of India will make necessary additional provision under a separate distinct Primary Unit "Interim Relief to be opened for the purpose in the revised estimates for the current year and the budget estimates for the next year under the relevant Demands for Grants for meeting the expenditure on this account. Further instructions regarding the opening of the new head will be issued separately by the Department of Economic Affairs.

4. The orders of this Office Memorandum will not apply to:-

(i)           Staff paid from contingencies, casual labour and staff on daily wages and those on piece-rate system.

(ii)               Extra-departmental agents of P&T Department.

(iii)             Contract employees (except where admissible in terms of the contract).

(iv)             The staff of Survey of India on departmental leave.

(v)               India based personnel posted in Indian Missions abroad.

5. The provisions of this Office Memorandum apply also to the employees of the Union Territories.

6. In regard to the Armed Forces personnel and employees paid from Defence Estimates and the Railway employees, the necessary orders will be issued by the Ministries of Defence and Railways respectively.

7. in so far as officers serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department are concerned, these orders issue after consultation with the Comptroller & Auditor General of Indi .


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