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Friday, May 9, 2014

Grant of interim relief to the Central Government employees

Government of India
Ministry of finance
(Department of Expenditure)

New Delhi, the 24th August, 1984.


Subject: Grant of interim relief to the Central Government employees.

The undersigned is directed to refer to item (2) para 1 of this Ministry’s O.M. of even number dated 15-10-83 on the above subject wherein it has been clarified that leave salary may be first calculated according to the existing orders and interim relief payable on the amount of leave salary so calculated will  be added as a separate element for the purpose of encashment
of leave and to say that the payment towards encashment of leave is to be made on the basis of the monthly rate of leave salary plus interim relief appropriate thereto: as for example, in the case of a Government servant who is entitled to encashment of 180 days earned leave and whose basic pay on the date of retirement is Rs.1000/- p.m., he would be entitled to interim relief equal to Rs.70x6=420 and not Rs.100/- on the basis of leave salary (1000x180) = Rs.6000/- i.e.
For the entire period of 180 days.

(Hindi version is enclosed)

Under Secretary to the Government of India      

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