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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Anomalies in the Pay Scales of Pharmacists – Grant of financial upgradation under MACP.

AIRF’s References to Railway Board-Anomalies in the Pay Scales of Pharmacists – Grant of financial upgradation under MACP.


All India Railwaymen’s Federation
(Estd. 1924)

4, State Entry Road,
New Delhi-110055

Dated: 24/3/2014

The Member Staff,
Railway Board
Rail Bhavan,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Anomalies in the Pay Scales of Pharmacists – Grant of financial upgradation under MACP.

Ref: This office letter of even number dt.31/1/2014.

Vide this office letter quoted above, a legitimate demand for grant of promotion/career progression to Pharmacists in grade pay of Rs.4600/-, Rs.4800/- and 5400 instead of Rs. 4200/-, 4600/- and Rs.4800/ as per the decision of the Government was raised with a comprehensive justification with the aspiration that this issue would be resolved favourably to meet the end of justice, but it is astonishing that nothing positive has been heard in the matter, although the issue have all the merits.

It is worth mentioning that looking into the inaction of the various Government departments including DOP&T and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare; the aggrieved staff went to the court of law for justices. Accordingly, the subject matter was adjudicated upon by the Hon’ble CAT, Chandigarh Bench in O.A..NO. 760/PB/2012 in case of Railway Pharmacists and by the Principle Bench, CAT-New Delhi in OA No. 3441/2012 in the case of All India CGHS Employee Association. The Hon’ble Tribunals have held that impugned orders for effecting the recovery based on the instructions for grant of Ist, 2nd & 3rd MACP in grade pay Rs. 4200, 4600, and 4800/- can not be legally sustained and has to be quashed/ set aside and the respondents are further directed respondents to implement the financial up-gradation, in the grade pay of Rs. 4600, 4800 and 5400/-.

In the conspectus of the facts and circumstances of the case, in it’s entirety . it is submitted that the contentions and Governments of the Government in the above said OAs have been critically examined by the Hon’ble Tribunals and they hove not considered Government’s argument to be sustainable in respect of up-gradation of grade pay of Rs.4200/- from GP of Rs. 2800/- on completion of two years service as promotion/MACP.

We therefore, request the Board to give o pensive thought on the issue keeping in view the verdicts of said Hon’ble CAT , as stated supra and a favourable decision towards implementation may be taken & be communicated, at the earliest.

An early action in the matter shall be highly appreciated.

DA/as above.

yours faithfully

General Secretory

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