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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Reduce the Retirement age From 60 to 58

Reduce the Retirement age From 60 to 58

The Central Government has an intention to revise the retirement age of central government employees.This is one of the important topic among all central employees before few weeks .This rootless message creates lot of expectations and unnecessarily planted a seed in their mind.If the government  is planning to harvest 2 crores of votes from the  employees family of central govt employees,definitely 10 crores of youth
will move against this decision.

If increasing retirement age to scientists senior administrators,doctors,there will be some benefits to the country because of their vast experience. But other cadres like clerks,assistants,and industrial workers need some  physical moves and hard work.After the age of 55 physical fitness drastically goes down.At this time work load will affect their body and mind.

Our country has lots of unemployment problems.Millions of youth are leading their lives without permanent jobs.Any how all seniors has to retire one day.So the best option is recruiting new hands to handle the workload  instead of keeping them  for years and years.At the same time eligible age for entering government jobs shall also be increased.This kind of act may reduce the unemployment problem at a level.Keeping all this in mind ,the retirement age should be reduced from 60 to 58 is the best option to govt to recruit youths.At this stage what really required is sincerity at higher levels of bureaucracy and development of productive nature of workmanship.


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