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Thursday, February 13, 2014

UFBU's circular on Two days's Strike!

UFBU's circular on Two days's Strike!

Note: Next UFBU meeting on 19.02.2014 for discussing about the future course of action.

UFBU's circular  No. UFBU/2014/19, dated
11.02.2014, issued on Two days's Strike!

..................We once again reiterate that the intention of the UFBU is neither to cause inconvenience to the customers nor loss to the country’s economy. The strike could have been avoided, but for the recalcitrant attitude of the IBA and Government combine in not coming forward with an improved offer paving the way for a respectable and reasonable wage revision. We do appreciate the stress on the balance sheet and the constraints on the IBA but at the same time, what is being demanded is not unreasonable and difficult to consider. The responsibility and the duty of the employees and officers towards ensuring growth in business, productivity and generating increased gross income has been fully discharged. The fact is fully evidenced by double the growth in net profits of Banks despite appropriation of more than 60% of the income generated towards writing off and provision for NPAs.

More so, the UFBU is not demanding the entire profit to be distributed amongst employees as wages but with the due share in order to ensure reasonable standard of living to Bank employees equivalent to the comparables and also to cope up with the uncontrolled spiraling cost of inflation, which is making the life of 
common man miserable. 

 The efforts made by the UFBU in the conciliation meeting held by Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) in New Delhi on 6th February 2014 have not evoked any positive response, which resulted in Two Days’ strike as inevitable. 

The two days’ strike is only a warming up exercise which should send strong signals to Government / IBA that the Bank employees will not be silent spectators if the Government is adamant in its attitude in implementing the reforms and the IBA / Government combine ignore the just reasonable aspirations of the Bank employees. 

 UFBU is aware of the aspirations and expectations of the employees. All efforts would be made to achieve the improvements with a balanced approach. In the meantime, we urge all our members not to give scope for rumours and its circulation that are aimed to vitiate the atmosphere. At this crucial juncture, we should not give any scope to the vested interests to develop vedge in the unity of Bank employees. 

 We whole-heartedly thank the UFRRBU and also the employees / unions in the Co-operative Bank Sector for not only extending support but also observing the two days’ strike in their respective Banks. We sincerely thank the United Forum of Reserve Bank Officers and Employees, AIIEA and all the other trade unions for 
extending their fraternal support to our cause. 

 The UFBU will meet shortly to chalk out future course of action and further programmes. 

 Comrades – March ahead – continue to display the solidarity and strength – Be ready to implement with vigour any action programmes decided by UFBU. Let us march ahead with determination to achieve the goal.” 

 With revolutionary greetings, 

 (M. V. MURALI) 

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