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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Likely Bank D.A. from February 2014


The All India Consumer price Index Number (IW) Base 2001 =100 for the month of November 13, is released by labour bureau, ministry of labour and employment, GOI today which stood at 243 points with 2 point increase compared to Oct 13 figure.

Based on confirmed figures of past two months and anticipating 1 point increase in Dec 13 figure the average index for the quarter may be as follows:

Base 2001 = 100                                Base 1960 = 100
---------------------                           ----------------------

Oct (Confirmed)               241         5501.04

Nov (Do)                         243         5546.69

Dec (projected)                244         5569.52


Average Index.                                5539

Already Merged – IXth BPS           2836

Balance                                           2703

No of slabs                                         675

Increase of Slabs (from 641 to 675            34 Slabs

Rate of DA% (from 88.95%)         101.25%

The exact increase in DA w.e.f Feb14 can be arrived only on release of CPI figures for December 13 by the Ministry. However considering the present inflationary trend an increase of Minimum 32 slabs is certain based on present CPI figure which may be expected to  up to 34 slabs in coming months if not above. The existing percentage may go to 101.25% from present level (88.95%).

Please note that the expected increase shown in DA is only an assumption and exact figure can be arrived by the end of January 2014. Calculation provided by Mr Mohan P.

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