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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bank strike on 20th and 21st jan 2014-Detailed Circular

Bank strike on 20th and 21st jan 2014-Detailed Circular

“Pursuant to the massive success of our strike action on 18th December,2013, a meeting of UFBU was held in Hyderabad yesterday i.e. 23rd instant,which was presided over by Com. K K Nair, Chairman of UFBU.

The meeting expressed its condolence over the sad and sudden demise of Labour Minister Sri Sis Ram Ola who passed away recently.

The meeting congratulated all the Constituent Unions, their units and the entire rank and file of members for the massive success of the strike on 18th December, 2013 which was meant to express our resentment over the delay in the wage revision talks and against the inadequate offer made by the IBA in response to the demand of the UFBU for a fair revision of wages looking to the steep inflation. The strike was also meant to register our protest against the unwarranted banking reform measures of the Government and demanding reversal of these policies.

The meeting thanked all the Central Trade Unions for their support to our strike action and also thanked the United Forum of Reserve Bank Officers and Employees (AIRBEA, AIRBWF, AIRBOA) and All India Insurance Employees Association for the solidarity and fraternal support to our struggle.

The Convenor informed that after issuance of strike notice on 2nd December 2013, IBA came with an initial offer of 5% increase on pay slip components of all workmen and officers such as Basic Pay, Special Pay, Fixed Personal Pay, Professional Qualification Pay, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory Allowance (where applicable), Transport Allowance and Annual Medical Aid, which does not include the cost of superannuation and other components such as LFC, leave encashment, etc. He also informed that since there was no response from the IBA despite request for substantial increase in the minimum offer, as it was felt too low, the one day All India Bank Strike on the 18th December 2013 was not withdrawn.

The meeting decided that UFBU shall urge upon IBA to resume the negotiations forthwith with a better revised offer so that meaningful discussions can be held thereupon so as to conclude the Settlement within a timeframe and it was also decided that if the IBA would fail to improve their offer and come forward to settle the demands expeditiously, UFBU shall continue the agitation and decided on the following programmes.

• Conduct of preparatory and other agitation programmes like meetings, rallies, protest demonstrations, badge wearing, etc. during the month of January 2014;

• Submission of Memorandum by all employees demanding immediate wage revision to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri P Chidambaram, Hon’ble Minister of Finance, Government of India and the Chief Executive, Indian Banks’ Association on or before the 10th January 2014;

• Two days’ All India Bank Strike on 20.01.2014 & 21.01.2014 by observing strike for 48 hours starting from 6.00 a.m. on 20.01.2014 to 6.00 a.m. on 22.01.2014;

• Mass signature collection from employees and general public, against banking sector reforms, during the month of February 2014;

• More strike action including indefinite strike during the months of February and March 2014.

Details of the preparatory programme will be given shortly. Specimen for posters and Badges will also be sent in due course.

 The meeting also decided on the following guidelines for our ensuing strike programmes.

Since the issue involved is wage revision for all sections of employees and officers, all employees and officers including those on probation should participate in the strike.

All our unions to suitably clarify to those who would retire from Bank service in the next few months to also to take part in the strike since, as per IBA guidelines/pension Regulations, there would be no loss to such employees in calculation of their pension entitlement and that wage revision would benefit all of them..

 Comrades, while it would be our endeavour to resolve the demands through mutual discussions, when the response from the IBA and the Government is not positive and satisfactory, there is no other alternative than to carry forward our struggle. Hence all our unions and members are requested to further cement our unity and march on to implement the programmes.”


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