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Monday, December 30, 2013

7th CPC Memorandum on common demands of CG Employees

Karnataka COC – Central Government Employees News

 Confederation of  Central Government Employees and workers Karnataka State

Seminar on common demands of Central Government
Employees on 18/12/2013 at Income tax office Bangalore

Charter of common demands of central Government employees of the COC Karnataka.

1.              Factors for wage Revision, providing proper minimum wage of  Rs27000/- for CG Employees including that of GDS employees and fixation formula. (Page no 5 to 14)

2.              Increment rate & Pay Scales (Page no 14-16)

a)              Increment rate should be 6% of basis pay.
b)             The present grade pay system should be removed.
c)              The time scale gap between one posts to another should be at-least  Rs.1000/- not
 Rs100/- at present and in should be uniform rate from  starting to end.
d)             The Group B gazetted post should start from Rs5400/- GP. Grant of Grade Pay Rs.4800 to supervisors cadre. Removal of grade pay Rs.2000/- & Rs2800/-
e)             There should be uniform pay scales for similar posts.
f)               Rectification of all anomalies of 5th CPC and 6th CPC.

3.              Proper promotion policy that is in a career and in same grade pay providing additional increment for those who got MACP promotion. Provide five promotion to ali. Promotional benefit should be at least Rs2000/- per month. (Page No 16 – 17)

4.              Providing proper DA for CG employees & rectification of DA formula and DA merger etc. (Page No 18- 22)

5.              There are three demands of Woking women (Page No 22-23)

a)              Flexi working working hours due to traffic problems.
b)             CCL not granted as loop holes are there in the order.
c)              Posting  on promotion at same place.

6.              Proper entitlement of wards in hospitals under CGHS and proper health care system 
(page No 23-27)

7.              Increasing tour TA/DA rates for field staff. (page No 27)

8.              Exemption form the purview of Income Tax – Enhancement of Transport Allowance exemption limit form Rs.800 to Rs.3200 plus D.A. thereon. (Page No 28)

9.              Transport Allowance for all field staff without any conditions. (page No 29)

10.           Increase in rate of all allowances including HRA it should be doubled and linked to DA. 
( page No 30)

11.           Increase in OTA rates on par with Railways (Page No 30-31)

12.           Nigh Duty allowance on par with Railways (Page No 31 – 32)

13.           Stitching charges for uniforms should be doubled. ( page No 33-35)

14.           VRS Scheme on par with Railways ( Page No 35)

15.           Compensate appointment on par with Railways remove ceiling (page N o 35)

16.           Ensure 8.33% of the Gross salary as Bonus removal of ceiling on bonus, etc. (page No 35)

17.           To fill up all vacancies in all central Government Establishments and remove ban on recruitment ( page No 36 – 37)

18.           Provide additional increment w.e.f. 01-01-2006 to staff working in old pay scale Rs.7450-11500. (page No 37)

19.           The daily wages of the casual labour are to be fixed as 1/30th of the monthly salary of a regular employee working in the same kind of job. (Page No 37)

20.           Providing good quality uniforms. (page No 38)

21.           To remove the anomalies in the pay of Direct Recruitees and the  promotes in the all cadre and stepping up of pay. ( page No 38-39)

22.           Merger of Jr. Clerk (LDC) and Sr. Clerk (UDC) and allotment of Grade pay Rs.2800 as entry level in clerical cadre. (page No 39-43)

23.           Parity in pay scales of the ministerial and stenographers between field and secretariat offices. ( page No 43-49)

24.           Pay parity of drivers on par with central secretariat Drivers. (page No 50)

25.           Holidays grant of 12 casual Leave and local CWCC should be given more powers.
 ( page No 51)

26.           Pay scales of stores wing persons and work shop ( page No 51-53)

27.           To abolish the license fee for the departmental Quarters allotted to the employees since the HRA is recovering fully and revise the entailment of CPWD quarters. (page No 53)

28.           Provide two increments or more on acquiring additional qualifications.  (page No 53)

29.           To reduce the rate of interest of HBA, increase HBA advance. (page No 54)

Pension Issues:

30.           Pension issues & Scrapping of new pension scheme.

31.           To revise the Gratuity and to extend the gratuity to the employees jointed after 01.1.2004.

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