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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Seeking ex-Post facto concurrence for extension of deputation

Government of India
Department of Personnel, P.G.and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

Khan Market, Lok Nayak Bhavan.
New Delhi, daed 1st November, 2013


Subject: Seeking ex-Post facto concurrence for extension of deputation

As Ministries /Departments are aware CS.I Division, DoPT is the cadre controlling authority for CSS Officers. Grant of cadre clearance inter-alia for deputation in respect of US and above level officers of CSS is centralized in CS.I Division. CSS Officers of these levels can proceed on deputation only after obtaining cadre clearance by this Department. Extension of deputation beyond the initial period of deputation also requires prior concurrence of this Department. However, there are instances where concurrence of this Department has been sought for extension in deputation much after the expiry of initial period of deputation.

2. In this regard attention is invited to this Department’s O.M.No.6/8/2009 – Estt (Pay –II) dated  1st March 2011 (copy enclosed) wherein it has been stipulated that deputationist officer is  deemed to have been relieved on the date of expiry of the deputation period unless the competent authority has with requisite approvals, extended the period of deputation, in writing, prior to the date of its expiry.

3. All the Ministries/Departments are requested to strictly follow the instructions of this Department governing deputation and desist from seeking ex-post facto concurrence for extension in deputation.

 Utkaarsh Tiwaari
Director (Cs.I)

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