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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

ESIC - Outstanding items of Internal Audit

Dated: 19-11-2013
JDS/DDs/ADs (Finance)
All ROs/Directroate (Med) Delhi/Noida, ESICHs.

Sub: Outstanding items of Internal Audit.

An analysis of monthly DO letters to Financial Commissioner revealed that large numbers of outstanding internal audit items being carried forward from years together without any significant progress. Due attention is also not being paid on clearance even after various instructions issued by HQrs office from time to time and specific reminders in the recent past. Director General Audit (CE) has taken a serious note on the issue in their report on Annual Accounts for the year 2012-13 of ESIC.

Scrutiny of the items revealed that some of the items are unworthy to be kept as outstanding and few such illustrations were mentioned in the HQrs letter No. F- 19/14/1/2012/ A/ cs-VI/SAR dated 9/7/2013 available on ESIC website as circular No. 301/2013. Further scrutiny revealed that items of meager amount / similar nature are being reported as separate item resulting in unnecessary high number of objections
whereas that can be shown as annexure to one single item. Similarly updated status of appropriate items can be incorporated in current report by dropping similar item if previously reported. The issue has also been discussed during review of functioning of Finance Divisions being taken up in a phased manner.

It is requested to initiate a special drive in consultation with Regional Director /Medical Superintendent for clearance of outstanding items in a time bound manner as item wise report is mandatory in support of closing items to be reflected in DO letter for the month of January'2014.

Source: Original Circular Click here

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