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Friday, November 1, 2013

Bank increase 48 slabs for quarter No’13 to Jan’14

Bank increase 48 slabs for quarter No’13 to Jan’14

Our earlier Projections of 48 slabs increase in Bank Staff DA is exact now.
Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt.of India has released the All India Consumer Price Index Numbers (IW) Base 2001=100 for the month of September 13 today which stood at 238 points with an increase of 1 point compared to August 13.
Accordingly the confirmed average CPI-IW (Base 1960=100) for the quarter will be as follows:    
                                                Base 2001=100                                  Base
July                                                        235        
August                                                   237
September                                             238

Thus the DA payable for Bank Staff  for the quarter November’13 to January 14 will show an increase of 48 slabs @ 96.15 % (Increase of 7.20% from existing 88.95%) as per details furnished here under:-
Confirmed average Index Numbers for the quarter         5402.13

Less Merged Points (9th BPS)                      2836
No of Slabs                                                            641
Increase in slabs (000 641-593 Old)                48
48x0.15%                                                             96.15%
Please note that IBA will issue the circular shortly.
Calculation by Mr Mohan P
Special  Thanks to Mr Debashis  Das

Source: click here

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