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Friday, November 15, 2013

Appointment as Chief Vigilance Officers in the Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) etc.

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D.O.No.372/42/2013-A VD-III
Dated the 18th October, 2013
Dear Chief Secretary,

Nominations of officers are invited for appointment on deputation to the posts of Chief Vigilance Officers in Central Public Sector Enterprises etc. It may be noted that these posts are Non-Central Staffing Scheme posts.

2.    The duties and responsibilities of Chief Vigilance Officers are briefly
enumerated below:

i.    The Chief Vigilance Officer has been authorized to decide upon the existence of
vigilance angle in a particular case at the time of registration of complaint.

ii.    The Chief Vigilance Officer should screen all the complaints before referring them to CBI.
iii.    Attending the quarterly meeting with Zonal Joint Director of CBI for preparation of "Agreed List".
iv.    Monitoring on corruption, malpractices and misconduct on the part of employees and to take remedial action.
v.    Closely monitoring the case related to criminal misconduct of employees and coordinating with the CBI for expeditious disposal of such cases.

3.    The posts for Chief Vigilance Officers' (CVOs) in the Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) etc. are filled up as per the procedure laid down in the comprehensive guidelines issued vide this Department's OM No. 372/8/99-AVD.111, dated 18th January 2001 which is also available on this Department's web-site. The guidelines are, however, under revision.

4.    Details of vacancies of Chief Vigilance Officers in Central Public Sector Enterprises etc. that are presently available and likely to- arise during the financial year 2014-15 are available on this Department's web-site. However, a tentative list of vacancies is enclosed.

5. The officers sponsored for Joint Secretary level posts should be – (a) empanelled to hold joint Secretary level post at the Centre: OR (b) an officer of his service and batch should be empanelled to hold joint Secretary level post at the centre. The officers sponsored for Director level posts should have completed 14 years of Group A service and should have been granted the Non – Functional Selection Grade in the cadre.

6. It may please be ensure that the officers sponsored should have completed the required “cooling off” period before they are recommended for a second deputation. The officers once sponsored are not allowed to withdraw subsequently and it will be the responsibility of the cadre controlling authorities to ensure the release of the officers in the event of their final selection. Failure to take up the appointment on the part of the officers will lead to debarment for 5 years along with its attendant consequences. It is also pointed out that it is not only the failure to take up the appointment, but also withdrawal after a panel has been drawn up by the Department, that leads to debarment for 5 years. It is, therefore, important that only applications of willing officers are forwarded to this Department.

7. On Selection, the officer would be eligible for an initial deputation tenure of 3 years in a CPSE/organization which is extendable – (a) up to a further period of two years in the same CPSE/organization (total 5 years) or (b) up to a further period of three years on transfer to another CPSE/organization on completion of initial tenure of three years in the previous CPSE/organization  (total 6 years), with the prior clearance of the CVC & Department of Personnel & Training. He would be allowed the option of electing to draw either the pay of the post in the scale of pay of the CPSE/Organization concerned or pay in the parent cadre plus deputation (duty) allowance thereon plus personal pay, if any. The officer would also be entitled to all perks, benefits & perquisites applicable to equivalent level of officers in the concerned CPSE/Organization.

8. The Officer on appointment to the post of Chief Vigilance Officer in Central Public Sector Enterprises is not entitled to general pool accommodation but would be eligible for accommodation provided by the concerned  public Sector Enterprise, as per guidelines issued by the Department of Public Enterprises, from time to time.

9. If an officer does not join within one month of issue of his appointment order, his appointment would be treated as cancelled and the officer concerned would stand debarred from Central deputation for a period of five years from the date of issuing of orders of his appointment. Further, the officer would also be debarred from being considered for deputation on foreign assignments/consultancies abroad during the period of debarment. The officers who are debarred from Central deputation should not be sponsored for consideration for these posts till they complete their debarment period/become eligible for re-consideration.

10.  While sponsoring the names of willing officers, it may also be indicated alongside each name, a maximum of three location(s)/Station(s) in which the officer may like to be considered for placement.  The current pay scale of the officers and the actual pay being drawn at the time of sending the name should also be indicated.  Once an officer gives the choice of location/station, then as far as possible that officer would he considered for posting in any Central Public Sector Enterprise/organization in that particular location/station. However, the officer may be posted at any place in India. It has been noticed in the past that while sponsoring names, preference has been shown for a particular CPSE/Organization in a particular region. It is clarified that such requests cannot be entertained and officers are required to indicate only their options for place of postings. Officers sponsored will remain under consideration for posting for the period of one year only from the date of clearance of the Central Vigilance Commission or 31st March, 2015, whichever is earlier.

11. The name of the officers who had applied for appointment as CVO for the previous financial year 2013-14, shall be retained in the offer list only up to 31.03.2014 and they have to apply afresh for consideration for appointment against vacancies occurring during the financial year 2014-15.

12. The details of this circular are also available on Department’s web site at URL htt://

13. I shall be grateful if you could arrange to forward names of suitable and willing officers for consideration for the posts of CVO in COSEs etc. for the financial year 2014-15, (drawn up in the prescribed proforma I-III), keeping in view the above mentioned requirements and suitability criteria, along with updated CR dossiers and vigilance of the sponsored officers, preferably by 31st January, 2014.

With regards
Yours sincerely,
(J.P. Prakash)

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