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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Development of a Web Based software solution for Cadre Management of CSS, CSSS and CSCS — Data collection in respect of CSS Officers reg

No. 21/11/2010-CS.I (U)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension
Department of Personnel & Training

2nd  Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi
Dated the 17th  July 2012
                   Subject:  Development of a Web Based software solution for Cadre
                                  Management of CSS, CSSS and CSCS — Data collection in
                                  respect of CSS Officers reg.

         The undersigned is to refer to this Department's D.O. letter of even
 number dated 15th  June 2012 on the subject mentioned above. The CS
Division, Department of Personnel & Training is the Cadre Controlling

Authority for the three Central Secretariat Services viz. Central Secretariat
Service (CSS), Central Secretariat Stenographers Service (CSSS) and
Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS). At present the cadre
management functions of the three services are carried out manually. The
manual updation of data by keeping track of each and every cadre
management activity is a cumbersome task and also unreliable. Absence
of accurate, updated information leads to delay in carrying out cadre
management activities and many a times result in duplication of work
which can be avoided.

2.  CMC Ltd. has been engaged by Department of Personnel & Training
to develop and implement a web based cadre management system for the
three Central Secretariat Services. The project is one of the RFD targets
of this Department and is required to be completed within the time lines

3  CMC is now in the process of developing software for the project.
One of the important aspect of the project is to collect data in respect of all
the officers of the three services as in the absence of complete and correct
data the system can not take off. Once the system is in place all the cadre
management activities will be through the system, it will generate real time
data without separate updation. After its successful implementation,
collection of data for various cadre management activities from Ministries/
Departments on each and every occasion will become a redundant activity
and it will speed up service delivery to the officers of these three services.

4. CMC Limited has designed a format in consultation with this
Department for collection of data of all the officers of these three services.
The format has been developed in MS Access which is attached herewith.
Though the format is easy to use, a user manual has also been prepared
and attached to provide clarification to the user for feeding the data.

4.1  The data sheet has been divided into various sections viz (i)
personal information (ii) initial appointment to the service and promotions
earned thereafter (iii) salary details (iv) ACP/MACP benefits availed (v)
Experience (vi) Training — both mandatory and other (vii) vigilance details.

4.2 Initial appointment and promotion section should not be confused
with that of Experience. Whereas in the former section initial appointment
and promotions earned only will be captured, the latter section is designed
to capture all the appointments including ex-cadre appointments, transfers
under RTP or otherwise etc. chronologically. Vigilance details of the officer
may be got filled up with the help of Vigilance unit of the Department.

5. In the first phase data in respect of CSS Officers will be collected. In
subsequent two phases, data in respect of CSSS and CSCS officers will
be collected. Ministries / Departments participating in CSS are, therefore,
requested to furnish data in respect of all the CSS Officers viz. Assistant,
SO, US, DS, Dir, JS and CSS officers appointed in any other designations,
posted under their administrative control in the format designed for the
purpose and forward the same to CMC Ltd./ this Department for populating
the data base.  Ministries/ Departments should also ensure that the
information in respect of CSS Officers posted in attached / subordinate
offices is furnished and for this purpose, they may suitably advise offices
under their control. The responsibility for furnishing information rests with
those who are responsible for maintenance of the service book of the
officers. If any officer is posted outside Delhi, he/she may be required to
furnish the data via e-mail which can be transmitted to CMC/this
Department. The data should be collected  only in the MS Access format
forwarded alongwith this O.M.

5.1  Accuracy of data is of paramount importance as correctness of
cadre management activity will entirely depend on the integrity of the data
of officers. Utmost care should, therefore, be taken in furnishing correct
information.  Administration Division concerned in the Ministry/
Department and the officer concerned are responsible for correctness of data.
5.2  No column which is relevant to the officer concerned should be left

6.  Ministries/ Departments may evolve their own strategy in collection
of data keeping in mind that accuracy of data should not be compromised.
However, the following guidelines are provided for expeditious collection of

         (i)       A separate computer may be earmarked in the Administration
                   Division for data collection work. A dealing hand may be
                   specifically assigned this work during the period to ensure that
                   the work receives complete attention so that the task is
                   completed with the specified period.

         (ii)     All CSS Officers posted in the Ministry/ Department may be
                  called to the Administration Division and information in respect of
                  them may be got fed by the officers concerned. This will ensure
                  accuracy of data. Service book may be made available to the
                  officers concerned to check the correct dates of events to be
                  captured in the data sheet. In case the officer concerned is
                  finding it difficult to feed data, he may be given the help of data
                  entry operator to feed the data.

        (iii)    Ministries/ Departments may prescribe a time schedule for
                  collection of data and/ or verifying them with the officer

       (iv)     As training related details are generally not recorded in the
                 service book, officers may be advised to furnish records in their
                 possession to furnish training related details.

       (v)     A back up of data created may be taken so that loss of data by
                 accident is minimized.

       (vi)      Data collection work should be monitored on daily basis.

       (vii)    An alert may be placed on the intranet of the Ministry, so that
                  individual officers whenever they open the intranet are reminded/
                  alerted about the data collection work. The details of officers
                  whose data is yet to be collected may also be displayed in the
                  intranet of the Ministry/ Department.

7.  The information complete in all respects should be sent at the
following e-mail addresses as an attachment:
8.  For any doubt regarding filling up of the data collection form, CMC
Ltd. officials may be contacted at the mobile Nos./ e-mail addresses
indicated at Annexure-I.

9. It is the responsibility of each and every CSS officer to actively
participate in the data collection exercise. All officers concerned are,
therefore, advised to come forward and extend fullest cooperation to their
Administration Division so that the data is collected at the shortest possible
time. If any officer is not cooperating with this work, Ministries/ Department
may initiate appropriate action against such officers

10. The data collection should be completed by 06.08.2012.
Ministries/ Departments will on a weekly basis send an e-mail at the
aforementioned e-mail addresses regarding the progress of the data
collection work in respect of CSS officers under their control in the format
attached at Annexure-I

(Utkaarsh R. Tiwaari)
Tele : 2462 9411

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