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Friday, June 8, 2012

Expected DA from JULY 2012

Expected DA from JULY 2012

    Again the Dearness Allowance fever started among all the central government employees, as the time for releasing additional installment of dearness allowance to the Central Government Employees and Dearness relief to pensioners is getting closer.  Assumption, prediction and calculate on the rate of Dearness Allowance, Which is going to be raised from July 2012, is the hottest subject of Central Government Employees to talk about.

    The reason is very simple.  The unbelievable Price hike of petrol and essential commodities will swallow the major portion of their salary.  In this condition providing quality education to the children is a very big challenge for working class.  The raise in Dearness Allowance alone will not solve all financial problem of central government employees especially those who are in Pay Band-I.  But they don’t have any other option to raise their income apart from promotion, annual increment and Dearness Allowance.  So their expectation over Dearness Allowance in every six month is inevitable. At present the rate of dearness allowance is 65%.  The AICPIN-IVV for April 2012 has been released recently.  The AICPIN-IVV has increased 4 points and reached 205.  If the same trend continues for the coming two months, the Dearness Allowance may witness 7% increase and so that we can expect that the rate of DA from July 2012 will touch 72% level.

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